• Vanessa Fontana

The person who initiates the call to a mediator subsequently recommends that mediator to the person with whom he or she is in dispute. For this reason, there is a perception that the initiator of the mediation process would benefit from an unfair advantage from the mediator who would be “his” or “her” mediator and that, therefore, the latter would not be neutral to both persons involved in the conflict… Nothing could be further from the truth.

No matter who initiates the call to require my services, as a mediator, it is my duty to always remain neutral to the individuals I assist in mediation. If I know one or both persons, I cannot mediate their conflict, otherwise I would not be neutral. Prior to the mediation session, I take the time to speak with all parties involved to explain my role as a neutral intermediate. I also take a moment to answer any questions about the mediation process. Impartial, I must act fairly to all those involved in the process and not take sides.