• La médiation

Mediation: An Interesting Solution

Mediation is a dispute resolution mechanism that avoids having to address a recourse before the court. It’s an alternative intended to reconcile the parties involved in a dispute with the help of a neutral and impartial person called a mediator. Contrary to popular belief, this measure can be used to settle any type of conflict and not only those that arise in cases of couples’ separation.

For a Cordial Dispute Resolution

Indeed, mediation can be used to resolve any type of dispute, regardless of the subject and the amounts at stake, if any. It is useful, for example, to settle a dispute between neighbours, between business partners or between family members. Mediation is also an interesting solution to settle a contractual disagreement with a service provider. Based on a voluntary process, mediation is therefore an effective and constructive way to try to resolve amicably any kind of conflict.

To Avoid the Stress and Cost of Going to Court

A successful mediation allows the parties involved to reach a mutually acceptable settlement of the issues in dispute, without the stress and cost of going to court. Furthermore, since all individuals have the opportunity to express their views to a neutral and impartial person, mediation can also reduce the tensions between the parties and, thus, contribute to the possibility of renewed relationships.